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Papageno System

About the product

The Papageno system is designed to protect communities, natural parks, individual homes and critical infrastructure such as power lines from wildfires. The autonomous operating mode enables:

  • Risk reduction for the practitioners
  • Operation at night
  • Highly efficient water use
  • Hardly any restrictions due to impassable terrain

Field tests under scientific supervision have already proven the containment of wind-driven fires with an intensity of >2500 kW/m.

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Gecko System

About the product

Mobile radio relay stations are often damaged or even destroyed during forest fires, which leads to communication failures and massive property damage for the operator. In addition, a system failure during evacuations can be life-threatening. We develop and test a protection system for outdoor areas that:

  • acts autonomously
  • efficiently holds out with extinguishing agent
  • has no negative impact on the infrastructure operations
  • is cost effective

The development is done on a scientific level in collaboration with the University of Coimbra.

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About the product

Small budget with big impact! Communities in southern Europe,developing and emerging countries that are threatened by fires often face three problems:

  • Low budget for vehicles
  • Narrow local and forest roads
  • Poor water supply

The ANT project aims at upcycling equipment in order to provide tailor-made fire engines for such regions, relying on the strength of a "swarm". 

More information about this collaboration with the german greek assembly  and the non-profit association SAFeRS e.V.  will follow soon